Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunday, February 04, 2007

lol this video is kinda funny to watch considering i have no idea of what the context is, but it sure isnt the best way to make friends in iraq. though it could have been a medical humvee, or they could have been trying to go and assist another party across town, so we cant be too angry towards them. still wish we could do that here though when there are b*tches below the speed limit -_-"

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

today has really been a stressful day. get up, and get a phone call that the removalist who is taking all our stuff to our new house, has double booked and cant move us on friday. we already had trouble having to coordinate them to move us out before our asshoole landlord moved in on the afternoon of rht 5th (the same day we are frikken moving out.)

so panic sets in. who the f*ck is going to move us??? especially with basically NO notice!!...we start frantically ringing around, i start ringing, mum starts ringing, everybody is booked up till march. im started to get really skitzo at the woman who f*cked us over. she then says she can get us a truck for the arvo (it's their fault anyway, i wouldnt expect to have some decent service) but the other guy had to move IN in the arvo. couldnt work. anyway so i finally found a place that could move the entire lot. i had just about given up hope and we found them. so thankfully we will still be moving on the monday and no thanks to f*cking ALLIED PICKFORDS. if ANYBODY wants to use them, mys suggestion is DONT.


anyway, next thing was going through all the documentation, singing forms and sorting out insurance for the move. and cos of all this running around, i was late to work (which in itself was bugging me cos the f*ckers there think they can screw me out of what i'm legally allowed as break time. c*cksuckers have learnt not to mess with me considering i won over them on that one.) anyway so yeh. it mightnt seem like a lot to you, but it was frantic. trust me.

but now, im watching a korean movie called windstruck and i think its now my fave. its really a wonderful movie. i advise everyone to watch it if you get the chance, you wont regret it.


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