Wednesday, August 31, 2005

-_- there are 19 million people studying in china's colleges...thats nearly the entire population in australia, all studying, all learning the ways to help their country become the world's next superpower...

holy shit!!...does everyone know that nsw opposition leader who called bob carr's wife a "mail order bride"?...he frikken tried to kill himself last night! strange, i mean he is a freakin minister, he must have something blloody hugde to hide if he resorts to killing himself (or trying to...) and if he doesnt have a big reason, then this country's government is DEFINATELY emplying the wrong type of people...

Monday, August 29, 2005

"candy covered" by Victorious_Angel on Flickr


Sunday, August 28, 2005

"CRW_0665" by olvwu on Flickr

pretty sexxeh mouse ey!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

"Summer 2005" by Wattwurm's View on Flickr

"The All-New Jaguar XK" by .wilkie on Flickr

this is a really sweet car. im still a fan of 4wds, but this looks very nice.

this guy really f*cking pisses me off. he is my spd lecturer and he looks like a hippie weed smoker. ive met his kind before, and they piss me in class he locked the door a short time after the lecture started and then the few people who came in at random times afterwards, he had to make a scene about. it was either him saying to the class "should i be nice or nasty?" and them then cracking up for some equally retarded reason, or it was him going to the door and saying "WHY ARE U LATE? UR INTERRUPTING THE CLASS!"...WELL YOU FUCKING MORON...IF YOU DIDNT LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR THEN YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO GO AND OPEN IT FOR EVERY LATE PERSON NOW WOULD YOU? he has to have some sense of control...and in actual fact, he doesnt have a right to prevent people coming into a lecture, but he can kick them out if they are disturbing the class. leaving the FUCKING door open so people can slip in quietly is much less inconvenient than stopping the class, making a scene, letting the person in, then complaining about it.

this guy does two full days of "research at hom" in his working week...what he doesnt have weekends?...and what the hell is he going to research...i can only think of ways of making his weed supply stronger in its effects, cos you dont need copious amounts of research for some guy who just lectures at a uni.

all lecture i just wanted to say "why the fuck dont you leave the door open you silly turd? then maybe you wouldnt have to keep interrupting the class to bitch"...but then that'd get me thrown out v_v

and whats more irritating is that i cant go to anyone and have him dealt with. in high school if a teacher was irritating me, i could talk to my mum and she would sort it out, cos we just had ties in with the school. but here we dont, and its not like i can go to fee lee frikken lim and tell her, not like i can go to anyone else cos they will just tell me not to worry or some shit...oh and by the way this fucktard also has this fascination with walking around barefoot. if he were working in some scrub uni then thats fine. you dont go seeing uwa lecturers walk around barefoot do you?...i'd expect that in charles darwin university (nt university)...not in one of the largest university, if not the largest, in western australia. sigh...u must all be bored with this...i cant express how much this guy gets under my skin...and how much i am annoyed i cant go and stab him with a pen.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

im sitting here listening to this tune (芫)...and i cant get it out of my head. my past keeps flashing through my that ive seen of my best friend when he was a little baby...and i just sit, wishing i was there with him through all those years. i had a good childhood...but this tune just makes me miss him then...even thought i never even knew he existed.

i keep imagining im me, going back to some onlookers of sitting on the edge of the sandbox, and watching him as he played alone...making his little sandcastles with his little red bucket. my mind right now is only focussing on that and i cant escape it. i keep imagining he is content with playing in the sandbox by himself cos he has become accustomed to not having any friends to be with. and that makes me so sad. i dont know if this even happened in real life...but for some reason...i dont know what...thats all my mind wants to see...him playing in the sandbox...and him watching other kids playing so happily with each other...and going back to his sandcastle...sitting quietly

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"geometry of death" by deborah lattimore on Flickr

"Hula dancer" by Mylens on Flickr

"The fine art of loneliness" by Mylens on Flickr

"IMG_2121" by cdibona on Flickr

whoaa how kooky!...these are balloons caught with some high speed flash photography midway through popping!

"IMG_2114" by cdibona on Flickr

"IMG_2113" by cdibona on Flickr

"confusing the enemy" by flickrwegian on Flickr

this is EXACTLY what my life is about...someone points in that -> direction and expect me to know which path to take v_v

Sunday, August 21, 2005

"neo tokio city 2005" by TommyOshima on Flickr

"Shinjuku intersection" by bitshifter on Flickr

"Daisies in the Sky" by LynnInTokyo on Flickr

"It's a Big Big World..." by Ya Ya on Flickr

"Once in a full moon" by Pandiyan on Flickr

"The Dread Arctic Snow Bee ;)" by evilgreg3000 on Flickr

"Got no wings" by Coffee Break on Flickr

"Versailles" by ryanbooth on Flickr

Friday, August 19, 2005

"its all about herbs!" by Misko on Flickr

"Max" by ryanbooth on Flickr

"aqua drops" by Hiroki Blue on Flickr

"19" by dualpupil on Flickr

"Village Remix" by dualpupil on Flickr

"" by kunja on Flickr

Thursday, August 18, 2005

grrrrraaaarrrgggghhhhh FUCK v_v...some people can be such dickheads sometimes

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"To Go" by Gayla on Flickr

"Tulips" by Renata Baião on Flickr

aww petey, here's some flowers for u...we all know u like flowers ;)

"Scooterman" by feaverish on Flickr

here ya go gemma, go to the scooterman to get a scooter!

"" by ccarriconde on Flickr

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"x5" by zakkoo on Flickr

my FAVOURITE car =D...i want this model, and in this colour (or black)

"Wild Chipmunk" by JnL on Flickr

oo! such a cute little chipmunk!

"big brown eyes" by dockmaster on Flickr

"Delicious!" by Ana Valéria on Flickr

eww this looks horrible

"Strawberry Cream..!!" by MaD Gi®L•™ on Flickr

"Umbrellas" by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Monday, August 15, 2005

"Mine!" by Gini. on Flickr

why does everyone have cute kitty's and not me v_v

"Water Droplets" by CeeCeeDotCa on Flickr

"Harvest time..." by Cilest on Flickr

so all ive been doing is sitting here...sorta studying, sorta looking up psp stuff...ok its more psp stuff but what the hell. for some reason i feel empy and i dont feel the urge to study...i spose nobody does hehe...i think im going to start properly studying today...some of my subjects dont even require coding, and some dont even have textbooks...this is new for me cos all my subjects have had textbooks in the past, and now i dont know what to study!

well i got a huge assignment that i have to do in a group...and the groups were randomly assigned so i dont get to be with my little bro v_v...oh well these things happen.

i recall saying a while ago i wouldnt be posting much on here anymore cos my bro was talking to me like a normal human...that didnt last very long...

perhaps i give him too much time? perhaps i forgive him too much?...some of my friends tell me to tell him to F off, he aint worth my time...i disagree...but sometimes, there are times i wish i hadnt come here.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Nature's Maze III" by D.James on Flickr

Saturday, August 13, 2005

"" by -gadgetgirl- on Flickr

"Chairs" by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

"DSC_5008" by junku on Flickr

"DSC_4985" by junku on Flickr

i want a cat just like this!

Friday, August 12, 2005

"Capturing Mindil Beach Markets" by ZaksterNT on Flickr

ahh the mindil beach markets...wikid :D

"The Skaters" by hinius on Flickr

"psp_03" by zarkie on Flickr

19 days...19 short short days

"Alchemy" by Mylens on Flickr

"In the depths of solitude" by Engel<3 on Flickr

"" by deborah lattimore on Flickr

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

well, the Discovery shuttle is back, im very glad for them =)...apparently they have flown 5.8 million miles. thats 9.338 million kilometres. if you can't fathom that, imagine 93,380,000 (93.38 million) football fields. a lot ;)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Praying Mantis Smile" by jeffclow on Flickr


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