Tuesday, May 31, 2005

you have to grab every second you can with the people you love

"Dying Sun" by Rija on Flickr

this photo is called 'dying sun'...not the most appropriate name, but a beautiful shot

"special" by Misko on Flickr

special: the things i love most

tell me why when we were children, that our parents told us tv blood wasnt real.

please tell me why i watched shows, and saw what amounts to a tragedy a day.

please tell me why someone can be so blinded, that they feel pain for their favorite character, but people dying on the news doesnt draw a tear.

i want to know why we must shield ourselves from the reality day to day.

i want people to see, the horror films they make come nowhere near to the real world's pain.

i wish people could see, that if ONLY we could call tv real, then the world would be such a happier place.

Monday, May 30, 2005

"Take me back to the sweet times
The hot nights
Everything is gonna be alright
In the summertime
Baby, in the summertime
And even if I have to wait til next year
I don't care
All I know is that I'll meet you there
In the summertime
Baby, in the summertime
That is where I'll be

"" by 46 on Flickr

"" by shadowplay on Flickr

"SPLASH!!!!!!!" by Vratsagirl on Flickr

sooooooo cuuuute!!!!!

what do you do for a friend, when you think you get along well with, but they wont talk to you, they wont confide in you too much, because their past is too full of betrayal. what do you do for a friend, when this person is like you in quite a few ways, but so many of those ways are secrets u dont really talk about. what do you do for a friend, who likes someone they cant get over and you want to help, you want to make things better for them, but you can't because they dont talk to you about it in the first place. what do you do for a friend, who goes through life seeing the negative,and thinking they can only get the worst of things. what do you do for a friend, to let them know you care enough to want to see them happy, but when you do that, they think your just being nice. what do you do for a friend, who misses being accepted, misses being able to turn to a friend and without judgement, without second thinking, in their heart, know they can trust them.

what do you do, when you feel you can trust someone because of their similarities, but at the same time, u just dont know if you are seeing the real them because of all the secrets.

"Into the wide blue yonder" by ScurvyMouse on Flickr

this is what i feel like sometimes...

35 days. what is the meaning of it, if you cannot remember the first one you had?

i wonder, if there is anyone out there...who can decipher my thoughts, tell me what i think, because i can no longer do it myself. i don't know what my dreams mean, i don't know what my thoughts hold. why am i becoming so hopeless, when for everyone else, i am their decipherer?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

"flying manta" by Hiroki Blue on Flickr

manta rays - angels of the sea...some say あくてんし (akutenshi), i say しゅごてんし (shugotenshi)

"flying whale shark" by Hiroki Blue on Flickr

one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, yet one of the most feared. like many things in life, we fear things we do not know or cannot control. few realise that it is the chaos that is beautiful, not the corruption of perfection.

Monday, May 23, 2005

this is my latest blog...but not my last...i just, havent had time to sit down and properly think about my life so far. lately, actually since i came to this new place, i havent thought of anything other than my best friend. its hard to, he is the only person i think will stand by me here. i have old friends...old as in i have known them for a very long time. i miss them. i hope they miss me too. its hard fitting in sometimes. when you dont play the same way...when you dont speak the same way, people dont trust you. i guess i dont trust easily either.

i feel i am becoming a weaker person by the day. i came from total distrust of others, into trusting someone with more than my life. i cant help but feel that sometimes they might betray me, even though in my heart, i know, i KNOW they never would. but then whhy do i feel sometimes i cannot trust them? i get lost in my own thought, trying to figure him out. i do not need to think so much, he is my best friend.

i know...i know...

i would like to say sorry, those around me must wonder what im doing here. you must wonder too. i am here just like everybody else, trying to find my niche in life. a life not owned by one person, but a shared life, in which we all must participate.

its not hard. we all love.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

"2cu" by Hiroki Blue on Flickr

very very nice macro

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"after the rain" by Hiroki Blue on Flickr

waaa such a nice shot...perfect color and hue


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