Thursday, August 12, 2004

its been nearly a week since i have had time to sit down and sit down and reflect...and even now i dont have that much time. i dont have that much to say actually...just that im tired...and i wish my bro would talk to me more...lately we've been talking less and less and its starting to get to me...i have nobody to talk to about my stuff and i feel kinda alone...

Friday, August 06, 2004

whoa today was fun. went to uni...then after went to this dodgy gathering thing. i didnt even know what it was and i TOLD thomas it was going to be some religious thing and i was leaving the minute they started their tripe. and what happened? they started praying and other stuff. whyyy did i go? i dont know. i should have left the minute it started but nooo thomas' insisted it was alright. well more next time lol. you are going to listen to me next time cause i know best...btw hope you're having fun at work :). got a little aggrevated by my bro today...that lasted 2 mins but then i had to try to make myself annoyed so that he understood i was annoyed :( dammit cant stay annoyed at him. hehe thats a good thing though. oh well no more getting angry at him...everyone else i am still going to get angry at you though :P. wow im so tired. pete is telling me to go to sleep now so i think i will...very tired.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

oops didnt get round to posting yeterday...oh well...nobody's missing out...nobody even reads this anyway...went to uni today...had a pretty ok day first half...second half was quite shieser but i wont complain...and now im sitting here bored as anything...not knowing why i argue with my brother so much and not talking to him...not cos i dont want to...cos...idno...maybe i should just stay quiet forever more...only talk when spoken to...maybe not even then. im going to go now...whoever reads this...*wilkie's voice echoes in empty room*...thought so. cya self.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

bored bored bored...all day no uni and just sitting home waiting for my bro to get home from his driving test. he passed :) which i am very happy about. now he's watching the oc. for some reason since university started i havent watched much fact i can go without watching tv for weeks. i really should get a tv for my room. pete watches tv all the time. i read an interesting description for people who watch different amounts of tv...and the one that reminded me of him went some thing like "this person watches a lot of tv...its always on and they treat it like a glowing decoration in the corner of their room there to gaze at mindlessly"...i dont know about the gazing mindlessly bit but the rest is pretty much what wraps it up...............i have started a new thing yesterday where i wont say one swear word from now on. i doubt that will last but im going to try my best. *sigh* i stuffed up my music library today :( i started moving a few files around and then suddenly some of the songs couldnt reference back to the files. i think its because i copied the files then deleted the originals and expected the copies to be referenced. hmm. well nows its all disorganised and im going to have to re-order everything into catagories. *sigh* i have over 2400 songs to sort :(...and interesting thing though is that since i started listening to my library all jumbled hearing songs i didnt even know existed let alone me knowing they were on my computer hehe. some of them are good...finding some abba that will have to be recitified. i have uni tomorrow at 8 and have to be there by 7.30...better sleep early tonight...i didnt end up getting to bed early last night...about 3ish :s.

Monday, August 02, 2004

for some reason right now i feel...distant...from the people around me and also, myself. for the past 3 and a half hours i havent really done much. ok thats a lie. i havent done anything at all. just basically sat staring at my black screen waiting for my bro to finish watching his oc episodes. i have just started talking to him on msn and he is telling me that getting a driving license in darwin is "easier" and the instructors here are out to fail him. hmm. no i dont think so, its more likely people here just cant drive properly and so blame the system. *sigh* oh well i guess maybe i should give him the same advice he gave me a few nights ago...'deal with it'? nah i dont think im that sort of person. im feeling quite different right now...very odd. i had a good day at uni today. was fun getting back into that routine. i saw all my friends again and generally had a good day. *ywan* ive been feeling sleepy since about 5 oclock. i think i should have an early bedtime tonight...but inevitably that wont happen *rolls eyes*. i might add to this a little later...right now im just going to chat on msn.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

"Aliens" by sThig on Flickr

such a weird thing!...i dont know what this is, but i found it on flickr hehe

shoooooooot i feel so odd. damn james called me at 2am...the one night i go to sleep at 12 instead of 2...he damn well wakes me up to tell me bout his new computer *sigh*. i spose its cool. i think i better have breakfast soon...i missed out on pancakes when my dad woke me at 8...but i needed sleep.

omg i just realised its a flower!! lol


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