Sunday, April 30, 2006

"More Eiffel tower..." by Mr Abe on Flickr

this looks really cool. its the new logitech orbit mp quickcam, and the software provided with it is pretty fun and exciting when you think about the crap that has come out before this. watch the vid and check out the coolness. btw for those who havent seen me before, that is NOT me in the video lol, its some other random.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

"L'Hemisferic" by c0c on Flickr

This is the art and sciences city, in valencia, spain. truly remarkable architecture with such a fantastic fusion of natural and man-made, along with a beautiful design.

"L' Hemisferic i l' Oceanografic" by c0c on Flickr

"after all it's spring" by MicMacPics1 on Flickr

Friday, April 28, 2006

well havent blogged in a while...not to say i havent been busy...too busy i think. hmmm nothing really interesting happened...ever since coming back from melbourne, i have been less self conscious of what others think, so im not worrying too much (if at all) if others think im a dork, or even if they are bothering to think i am a dork. i still look and judge other people tho lol. hehe nah its not like that, but ino a dork when i see one ;)...who even says dork anymore anyway? god im a freak.

so anyway, been fighting a bit with better half in my best friends forever club...something i dont need with all the other shit going on in my life. buuuut im not the only person with probs and i REALISE THAT so all u bitches on your high horses can just stfu.

i have one thing to say tho. thats meaningful anyway. dont leave the iron on. dont ask why, just dont do it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Melbourne's Flinders street station at night" by lensmonkey on Flickr

this is flinder's street station, just a block away from where my friends and i stayed

"melbourne skyline" by lensmonkey on Flickr

this is the skyline of melbourne at night.

well im back from melbourne and it was fantastic!....i havent had so much fun in a long time, and the biggest thing was that i got to see my dear friends who i havent seen for 2 or 3 years, which is very important cos they are very close to me. right now i have a slight hangover, and a massive headache from having only about 20 hours sleep over the last 5 days, so i am totally buggered. i might sleep later, but seeing as its back to reality now, i have to resume my busy life.

love you claire, saba and ben, always will ^_^

Monday, April 17, 2006

sign the petition to allow gmail to support IMAP. not a big deal you say? well sir, i say the same to you about sleeping with your wife!

"PICT0603" by cudmore on Flickr

"10398_52864.jpg" by L'Apple Café on Flickr

oooh the things i would do to get this server farm in my back room...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Worker Intended for Logical Killing and Immediate Exploration

Saturday, April 15, 2006

hmmm...well im home again now...took peter's egg to his house. hope he likes it when he finally comes home. he better. got my family's eggs too...actually i got them rabbits, they are so cute. now im making a card for a dear friend, so i best be off. chao.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

"found nemo" by Kelley Love on Flickr

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

well its been nearly 3 hours since i have left work tonight, and i have aready started missing my friend ridwana. honestly, right now i am shedding a few tears, because for me, i think the friendship was a very good one, something that doesnt come along every day.

something few people know about me is how to look past the facade i put on to protect myself. but thats something i think ridwana knew how to do, and we had such a good time while working together at the HBC, as stupid as that place is.

i wish she could work there for as long as i did, because it made working there so worthwhile, for both the company and the laughs. but she is going back to new zealand soon, and i hope that she doesnt get too unhappy, but i fear that she may miss more of here that she realises now.

i wish you a very safe trip back ridwana, and never forget the laughs we had.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

lol funny ass cat and tape

"Powerbook" by The Masked G.F. on Flickr


Friday, April 07, 2006

a comical video of the xbox 360

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"IMG_0109.JPG" by speedye on Flickr

as much as some people want to "throw up in their mouths" just cos they see windows running on a mac, i tend to disagree. in fact i whole heartedly disagree. as much as windows is the bane of many peoples lives (including my own), for some applications it is necessary to have windows, and to have it running natively when in a time-critical environment. either way i think this was a smart move on apple's part as now there is a selection of machines that will only expand in the future that can run both OSs, which will mean new avenues for people wanting the best of both worlds. Damien Barrett over at TUAW raises some interesting ideas that i think are pretty smart when you think about it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

oh - my - god!...i have been holding off installing windows on my machine simply because of the lack of full driver support, but i will definately be first in line once there are drivers for everything, but low and behold, apple have gone and released boot camp...which right now is in public beta, but oh my freakin god, it lets people boot into windows or mac!...i never thought apple of all companies would release something like this, but someone must be thinking right, cos so far, this is the only legal way to run both OSs simultaneously, natively, on a super sexy machine (on any machine really, i just like apple more than wintels :P)

argh it pisses me off these lamo BB06 ads going on about ooh ahh two people are gonna share the same secret...ooh ahh what could it be?...come on channel 10, ino aussies are stupid, but they arent stupid! just say got some bloody fags on there to try and spice things finally realised that BB is getting that boring?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am nerdier than 40% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

"ipod av 1" by yaeyae on Flickr

*wishes* please be real

omg...i was just in the city, driving the right way along murray street, when i see in the distance some stupid female driver driving the WRONG WAY right towards me! i slow down a tad and beep my horn, and still she keeps on truckin. so i keep driving also, cos i SO know who's insurance company is gonna be paying, and then she flashes her lights. so i stop and put my hazards on (i could have switched lanes, but i like inciting anger in other people when i know i will any argument that will ensue), get out and yell at her (who has also stopped about 3 ft in front of my car) "OI - you cant GO this way, its a frikken ONE WAY STREET" which her reply was "i think you are in my way!"...and then i started to get irritated and yelled at her (she is only about 5 metres from me lol) "can you SEE THE DIRECTION OF THE PARKED CARS?? YOU ARE GOING - THE - WRONG - WAY!!"

at this point i just get back in my car and beep my horn, and she reverses, pulls into the nearest shop driveway (i speed off past her) and i assume she turns her car around.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

"my IQ results" by .wilkie on Flickr

You are a "Complex Intellectual". Your IQ score is 141. This means that you are smarter than 99.0% of all other IQ test takers.

You are highly intelligent and talented in two critical areas: math and language. While others may be skilled at one, you are exceptional at both. Your ability to understand theoretical or abstract information and your attention to detail only make your mathematical and linguistic skills stronger. You are a highly conceptual, complex thinker.

Because of your numerous intellectual abilities, you probably rarely come across something you're not good at. You are a quick study and so have a tendency to look for and find the deeper meaning in things. You might intellectualize a situation or muse about its layers of complexity, making grand-scale associations. While others are relieved to have tangible, concrete information to work with, you may find yourself easily bored and so you seek more intellectual content.

Here's an example of your Complex Intellectual thinking skills at work in a real-life situation:

You go to a play with a bunch of friends. You recognize that some of the lines from the play are highly similar to a play you read a long time ago in school. Not only that, but you also notice that the play is structured in such a way that those types of lines occur in every other scene in the play. You are excited by your revelations and start explaining this to your friends. You want to go out for coffee and talk about what it all might mean, and whether the author intended it to be this way. Others might be more inclined to talk about the costumes or other more obvious elements of the play, and you shouldn't take this too personally. Your insights are definitely valuable, so don't stop sharing them.

mmm ok i will agree with that...but i dont quite agree with the "im so brilliant at math" part lol

Happy Birthday Apple! is apple's 30th birthday, and i cant think of a better way to showcase the beautiful designs, innovation and creativity that apple has brought to our desks and our hearts in their years as the best pc maker in the world.


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