Wednesday, July 28, 2004

come home from the city a while ago and just been uploading stuff onto this webby. chatting on msn and stuff. i had a great day today :). went to see iRobot with my friends, missed the dang bus with pete hehe. right now i feel like remeniscing. i was on the phone to my good friend saba before and talking to her has brought back a lot of memories. right now the song that just played that always seems to play reminded me of my best friend. now this song thats playing is chinese, i can't even understand, but for some reason its making me think so much. making me think of the past, the present. i wonder to myself how ive changed over time. since moving to darwin i changed from the little boy i was in perth to a teenager. i learnt my swear words in darwin, but i also gathered life experiences. i learnt about hurt and pain and happiness and laughter. i learnt about friendship and the importance of friends in my life. now ive moved back to perth, a very different person. and i wonder if thats for the better or not. i think it is. so many things have changed in me since i have been at university and i look back on it, the things ive done and the people ive met. the friends ive made, my best friend peter lam, have all changed me, people that are closest to me have made me think so much about myself and slowly become the person i think i was meant to be. i wonder if this was meant to be, or if this is what they call growing up. ive come from thinking i knew myself, thinking i knew all there was needing to be known for someone my age, and those around me enlightening me to differences. especially my best friend. perhaps, i think to myself, that no matter how much life experience i have, how much advice i have to give to others, i will never stop learning, even from those who learn from me.


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