Tuesday, August 03, 2004

bored bored bored...all day no uni and just sitting home waiting for my bro to get home from his driving test. he passed :) which i am very happy about. now he's watching the oc. for some reason since university started i havent watched much tv...in fact i can go without watching tv for weeks. i really should get a tv for my room. pete watches tv all the time. i read an interesting description for people who watch different amounts of tv...and the one that reminded me of him went some thing like "this person watches a lot of tv...its always on and they treat it like a glowing decoration in the corner of their room there to gaze at mindlessly"...i dont know about the gazing mindlessly bit but the rest is pretty much what wraps it up...............i have started a new thing yesterday where i wont say one swear word from now on. i doubt that will last but im going to try my best. *sigh* i stuffed up my music library today :( i started moving a few files around and then suddenly some of the songs couldnt reference back to the files. i think its because i copied the files then deleted the originals and expected the copies to be referenced. hmm. well nows its all disorganised and im going to have to re-order everything into catagories. *sigh* i have over 2400 songs to sort :(...and interesting thing though is that since i started listening to my library all jumbled up...im hearing songs i didnt even know existed let alone me knowing they were on my computer hehe. some of them are good...finding some abba though...so that will have to be recitified. i have uni tomorrow at 8 and have to be there by 7.30...better sleep early tonight...i didnt end up getting to bed early last night...about 3ish :s.


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