Friday, December 03, 2004

ive had such a great time these past few days...u kno...i misjudged something about pete...he isnt a bad guy...he never was...he's best friend!...its that sometimes he doesnt know how to show something properly...or he doesnt know whats right...but we work it out...and we have had heaps of fun today :)...u kno...i dont think i could really ask for anything else in my life...ive got my happiness...ive got my little brother...and ive been spending heaps of time hanging out...thats all i ever wanted...someone to talk lean know they are there for me...and u kno so glad this is all mine!!...that i can say i have a best friend...i have such a great happiness, and that no matter what...its never going to go away from me :D

i was working in peteys shop tonight...and someone told me something that i never thought i would hear from an adult. wendy said to me that pete and i were very close...and perhaps too close...then peter went away after a little while...and i continued cutting parsley with her...and she started telling me, she was only saying too close, because she was jealous. ive heard a couple of my friends say that they are jealous of my friendship with him...but for an adult to say it to tell me that she really envied my friendship with my best made me feel so happy...and so lucky...that someone, whom i knew wasnt just dribbling crap...was looking at me and wishing they had such a close friendship with someone. i cant describe how that feeling is...cos its like...something you have...that isnt even a possesion in the first place...its something that happens..something that is just meant to be...and its happened to me...i feel so priveledged

last night...someone else also told me something that made me think. i had just started talking to this girl on the net...and i had been telling her bout pete and how he was my best friend...someone who i looked up to, someone who i really cherished and i couldnt live without...and after a couple of days...saying how i was going to peteys shop and working and hanging out...she asked me a question nobody has ever asked me before...that made me think. she said "does pete know oou speak this highly of him?"...and i really didnt know. i knew that he knew i thought the world about him...and ive told him before all i can talk about is him...but this girl...who didnt know me...who had just met me..and already told me that i hadnt told her anything about myself...just how great my frinedship was with peter...and i thought i had been talking about myself too much to her. that made me think, that not everyone has the opportunity to bump into their best friend and know they are going to be there always. and that talking about myself...i was actually talking about peter as well. i had a dream once..i was looking into a well, and in the water, i didnt see my reflection, i saw peteys. i knew what the dream meant, but i didnt know why i had it...but now i know...its because theres a piece of pete inside of me...that will never leave me...theres a part of pete that i kno that when times are tough, i can look inside of myself, and into my heart...and i will find the answer.

i am chris wilkie...last year, i would have told you that all of this was bullshit and i didnt need close friends. now, i am still chris wilkie...except i have a little brother who has opened my eyes.


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