Thursday, June 02, 2005

i wish i could slit their throats with my own hands.

i just saw on channel 7 news about head-stomping attacks in perth, the two latest ones were at the train station on a traveller and another in northbridge. fucked up, brain dead worthless trash kids who have no future bashing up others and when they fall, stomping repeatedly on their face and head, the traveller getting it 10 times and the other guy getting it 7. this is why i hate this place, this is why i dont want to be here. people talk about the weirdo people in tasmania, but they dont want to see how they themselves are living in a really REALLY fucked up place. i dont know why people would do this, i dont know what would cross their minds. i know they do it to feel some sick, twisted sense of power...but its not power when your opponent is unconscious on the ground in front of you

you havent won when you beat up someone unconscious...weak cunts they are.

if i could just get one of would be better if i got them all...and i strung them out on tables and lashed their hands and feet down so they couldnt move (just so they can feel as helpless as their victims). i would have no problem, stabbing them repeatedly with a metal cooking skewer. i would have no problem getting a normal hammer and smashing their jaw and face repeatedly until it was so disfigured, nobody could ever tell who they were. i would take the same hammer and smash every toe on both feet, one by one, making sure to eventually fracture every bone that made up their feet so they could never walk again. i wouldnt kill them. i would just want them to live with that reminder constantly, every time they woke up, and looked in the mirror.


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