Saturday, August 27, 2005

this guy really f*cking pisses me off. he is my spd lecturer and he looks like a hippie weed smoker. ive met his kind before, and they piss me in class he locked the door a short time after the lecture started and then the few people who came in at random times afterwards, he had to make a scene about. it was either him saying to the class "should i be nice or nasty?" and them then cracking up for some equally retarded reason, or it was him going to the door and saying "WHY ARE U LATE? UR INTERRUPTING THE CLASS!"...WELL YOU FUCKING MORON...IF YOU DIDNT LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR THEN YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO GO AND OPEN IT FOR EVERY LATE PERSON NOW WOULD YOU? he has to have some sense of control...and in actual fact, he doesnt have a right to prevent people coming into a lecture, but he can kick them out if they are disturbing the class. leaving the FUCKING door open so people can slip in quietly is much less inconvenient than stopping the class, making a scene, letting the person in, then complaining about it.

this guy does two full days of "research at hom" in his working week...what he doesnt have weekends?...and what the hell is he going to research...i can only think of ways of making his weed supply stronger in its effects, cos you dont need copious amounts of research for some guy who just lectures at a uni.

all lecture i just wanted to say "why the fuck dont you leave the door open you silly turd? then maybe you wouldnt have to keep interrupting the class to bitch"...but then that'd get me thrown out v_v

and whats more irritating is that i cant go to anyone and have him dealt with. in high school if a teacher was irritating me, i could talk to my mum and she would sort it out, cos we just had ties in with the school. but here we dont, and its not like i can go to fee lee frikken lim and tell her, not like i can go to anyone else cos they will just tell me not to worry or some shit...oh and by the way this fucktard also has this fascination with walking around barefoot. if he were working in some scrub uni then thats fine. you dont go seeing uwa lecturers walk around barefoot do you?...i'd expect that in charles darwin university (nt university)...not in one of the largest university, if not the largest, in western australia. sigh...u must all be bored with this...i cant express how much this guy gets under my skin...and how much i am annoyed i cant go and stab him with a pen.


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