Tuesday, September 27, 2005

i think hybrid and H2 fuel cell technology is great. i think the very belated introduction of it into the marketplace in such mainstream ways is fantastic. perth uses mercedes benz H2 fuel cell buses, toyota, honda and ford, three of the largest car manufacturers in the world are all releasing hybrid models, at a cost not much more than their current model line-up pricing. sure you pay a little more, and i know to some it seems like a lot more, but you have to consider the benefits go beyond the consideration of money in general. by buying a hybrid vehicle, you are doing several things, a few of them are; putting more money into the hybrid R&D stream allowing further and faster hybrid technology development and also doing your (albeit small at the moment) part in reducing gas and exhaust emissions. whats one more none hybrid car on the road u ask? its actually a lot, considering the total cumulative amount of exhaust emitted in the life of the vehicle. cars should generally travel no more than 150,000 kms in their life, but thats being very conservative. thats a lot of kms, and a lot of fuel, which means a lot of exhaust.

im not sitting here trying to get you to convert, im not a preacher. im saying consider the ramifications of your next vehicle purchase and what the vehicle is actually going to be used for. is it to commute to work and back, or is it for long interstate trips? will your car be idling for a lot of the time, or moving out on the open road?...if its the former in both cases, then definately, you should look into hybrid technology if you can afford it. if you cant, then thats fine, nobody is going to hate you, but try and weight up perhaps what extra money a hybrid vehicle costs, against how much a car will cost you up until you can afford to pay the extra for a hybrid. if the cost of the car you own now exceeds the extra cost of a hybrid in the time it takes to save up for the hybrid, then dont get it, but there arent just those factors to consider. a vehicle purchase is a very personal thing, and there are many more things like taste and vehicle usage, size and other needs which dictate your final choice.

all im saying is that the technology is there, and i think its really great consumers now have a choice to use a more efficient product over one that uses fossil fuels. i think its going to overall benefit the world on a scale many people will be unable to fathomin the future, because by then, it will be widespread technology. just remember you arent the only people on this planet (no im not getting all tree-huggy) and future generations, as soon as your kids even (im talking to those who are my age hehe) need to have a clean environment to grow up in. eventually, if nothing is done about our current ways, like Los Angeles is covered in smog for the majority of the year, our world may soon (probly in the next 10 years) be consumed by that waste and pollution, engulfing the entire planet in it.

just consider it...thats all. you dont have to do anything, and like i said, nobody will hate you. but just consider the future...your not the only ones.


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