Tuesday, September 27, 2005

people seem to ask me for advice everyday, or most days anyway, and i give them advice, which seems to work, as they come back for more. but i was thinking...that everyone is different, and everyone needs things explained to them in a different way, everyone needs to be nurtured differently, and everyone needs for things to be translated into things they can relate to. sometimes, i cant get people to see a point i'm making, or i cant successfully give them the advice they are after, and that gets to me, because i really want to help, but there is the odd occasion i cant, and thats due to perhaps mindsets, past experiences either of us have had, or perhaps (but rarely) ethical or cultural differences. i guess the point im making is that its not easy to talk to people all the time due to several different factors.

anyway, i was wondering what transcended all of those problems. what was the one thing, that perhaps didnt as such give advice, but instead could speak to everything, without needing translation or comprehension. and to tell the truth, it is as people say...music does transcend every known language to man as the communication medium that can allow people of totally different cultures, totally different mindsets, totally different languages, to communicate.

i guess some of you already know that...but those of you who dont, perhaps allow yourself to be stirred by music which you dont normally open your ears to, and you might just find a message which you never heard before.


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