Saturday, October 15, 2005

i am so sick of all these network tv shows -_- i just finished watching smallville episode 2 of season 5...and to tell the truth, ever since smallville began, it was tripe. why do i watch it? keep a check on what my little brother watches. why do i let him watch it if i dont like whats on the show?...*shrugs* well i let him make his own choices...

but god dammit, the middle of episode one is clark kent saying some cheesy line to lana about how she is the only one for him and he saved up his sex all for her. then the closing scene of ep 2 is them consumating their "love"...bullshit its love, they are meant to be in highschool, which means they are probably 17...and what does that mean? it means they dont know jack about anything except what their sex ed has taught them, which is to stick the blokes 'thing' into the womans 'thing'. *sigh* i hate stupid american tv, it irritates me so much. and yeh yeh, for those who know me, im not the most innocent guy, and for those who dont, ive already been down the "love" road and it lead to a slutty end -_- (ps: im not the slut lol). ino some little kiddies go down the yellow brick road and everything is dandy, but thats only cos they are so immature they dont know they are living some little fantasy that doesnt reflect real life.

why cant tv be clean?...why cant they put these stupid shows on so late where nobody stays up to watch them, and then time shift them enough so that nobody can record them lol (only tech geeks will get what i mean, or those who have been so pissed off by nbc and tivo :P)...and sure, i dont mind if they have some kissing or whatevering, but this show is either clark in a scene with a girl who wants him, or a girl who has him, or a girl who is dominating him. all the while im sitting here wishing my little brother didnt see any of it or pick up any of the stupid lines clark says -_-


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