Saturday, October 08, 2005

i really really like google. im sure everybody likes it cos it has easy search, but i like it for much more than that.

- firstly, their gmail service is excellent. ads are hardly noticeable, its clean and crisp, very nice.
- then there's google print. google had the brilliant idea of bringing the world of printed books online and they have done well with it so far. i can read my university textbooks online, search for things in them (which is very timesaving) and allows for much better use of the books. i think google print is a really great project.
- although im not in san francisco, i am so happy that google got to roll out their free wifi there. it really is a step forward to making digital online content easier to access.
- another thing i cant really take advantage of is google maps. america only right now, but one of the smartest map servics out there. they can be customizable so much that i have found on one site they use google maps to put waypoint and when a waypoint is clicked, you can actually view live feeds from new york city street cameras. that is the kind of facility we need to allow further development to occur.
- google earth and google moon are probably the most fun aspects of the google group. letting people grab the earth or moon and zoom in to the level of seeing peoples houses and front gardens is i think very very exciting :)
- not only that, but google video is allowing video content to be easily searchable, easily accessible to everyone and anyone.
- google blog search which was recently unveiled allows people to find blogs and read them, in topics which THEY want to know about.
- and lastly, to tie in with their blog search, google announced yesterday their google reader, and online rss reader. i have been waiting for a nice clean one to come along and now it has.

whats even better about all of this, is that all of those things above, including google search is all rolled together, because it is all provided by google! allowing such a rich integration i feel is one of the major strengths in google's business plan and it will see the comapny much further than most others like it.


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