Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ok..if you don't already know, an australian government frontbencher has just grabbed another member of parliament by the THROAT...yes people, australia's politicians have sunk to a new low...when they start grabbing each other by the throat, something really bad must be going to happen to us all.

here is a quote from abc news australia:

New South Wales National Party frontbencher Andrew Fraser grabbed Roads Minister Joe Tripodi around the neck during an altercation in NSW State Parliament overnight.

Mr Tripodi was making a speech in the Lower House about the Pacific Highway, and remarked that the last time he was in Coffs Harbour in northern NSW, the National Party Member in the seat Andrew Fraser was not in the electorate.

Observers say the Member for Coffs Harbour then slammed a glass of water on the table, crossed the chamber to follow the Minister and apparently grabbed Mr Tripodi around the throat.

It is understood several people had to drag him off the Minister before he was ejected by the Sergeant at Arms.

A short time later Andrew Fraser made an apology.

"I wish to unreseverdly apologise to the Minister for Roads and Members of this House for my actions this evening," he said.

"I was gravely out of line in my actions towards the Minister tonight."

Mr Tripodi says he was stunned.

"I just didn't believe it was happening," he said.

"I thought he would stop but he just kept coming at me ... he was out of control, he was like a bull coming straight at me so I was just shocked about it, that's all."

Mr Tripodi says he does not plan to lay charges over the attack.


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