Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i had such a weird dream last night. i was in the house i live in now, and there seemed to be lots of yellowish snakes the colour of dijon mustard. anyway at first there was just one..and i didnt seem to be scared, but i grabbed it behind the head and carried it of, i dont remember where. then i started feeling a tingling feeling and then i forgot everything in the dream up until i was in my sisters room and there was another snake under her bed. i got her out of there and put her in another roomand then i found myself outside my parents room. in there there were heaps of snakes all slithering everywhere, but my parents werent in there. my father wasnt in my dream at all.

anyway my mother needed to go into her room for something and she went in even thought these snakes were everywhere and she seemed to be spending too long getting something (i could see her and all and she wasnt oblivious to the snakes, she was just being slow like she usually is) anyway the snakes started slithering up onto her and i was panicking, screaming at her to hurry up and get out of there so i could lock the snakes in. she finally got them off her and ran out and i locked the snakes in.

the next thing i remmeber we are all watching tv or something and another snake comes and so i grab it, but this time i grab it half way down, purposely or not i dont know. i know in the dream it would bite me if it had the chance but i still didnt grab it behind its head, i dont know why. anyway so im holding it sort of panicking discussing what i should do with it then everything seems to slow down. i look down and i watch as it slowly goes and opens its mouth wide and latches onto my arm and bites me. i dont bleed but there are two huge puncture marks there. then i forget what happens but i know someone has told me to put something on it, but i dont know what to do, i cant move and nobody will get the stuff for me. it just seems like im all by myself and i have this snake bite which im screaming to everyone about but for some reason it seems they cant hear me. then i wake up.

it was really weird. snakes in dreams usually mean enemies. i have no idea why their colour was that way, or why they were all heavily concentrated in my parents room (there were some others around the house too). i dont know why my father wasnt in my dream (probably cos he is travelling right now and so cos he isnt here he probly wasnt in my dream). i dont know why there were so many snakes or why i knowingly held the snake wrong and watched it bite me. i also dont know why i didnt bleed.

i have some explanantion, but i am just not sure as to whether they are correct. snakes representing enemies i guess is just representing my feeling of everyone being against me, something that i am not going to really discuss here, but is tied in with different areas of my life right now. i guess they were all in my parents room because parents represent an authority to their children, people who are knwoing and wise and who have some control. i guess also that there were many snakes because in life, there are so many factes, so many people who you cant trust, but initially do so because you think you can trust them, till they turn on you. i dont have lots of enemies, or any real enemies at all...but i dont trust many people, very very few in fact. i will still call people my friends. but if it came down to something i had to trust someone with, i would only being going to about 1 or 2 people ever. the snake biting me i dont know about either for sure. i guess it represents something that happened recently where i got "bitten", but nothing bad happened, hence i didnt bleed.

idno...if anyone random out there even bothers to read my blog and knows about dreams, pls lemme know what it means if i am wrong!


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