Tuesday, December 13, 2005

i am so outraged by whats plastered across the news lately, about the foreigners uprising against white society, ganging up and inflicting our peaceful culture with anger and hatred. i am half asian (indian to be precise) and half aussie, so i have a right to speak for both asians and aussies, and i want to say that anyone who comes here, and thinks that the law doesnt apply to them, or even those born with a descent other than australian, and think they have some message to tell or whatever the hell they stand for, they can just get the fuck out of this country. these latest spates of lebanese fuckwits ganging and bashing people, stopping drivers in their cars, going and smashing shop windows. this is NOT on. australians retaliating with violence shouldnt be accepted either. but to have people thinking they can come to this country and do this, they should be shot. australia used to have a very effective "white australia" policy, and i only wish that could be enforced in a more constrained way. rather than having foreigners disallowed, let them come (unless they are troublemakers to begin with) and if they, or any of there descendants cause trouble within australia's bounds, they get shipped back to wherever shithole they came from. yes, call me racist, and yes, if you want, call me hypocritical. if there WAS a strict white australia policy, i wouldnt be living here right now, let alone alive. but i have no other way of expressing it. its not that i am without words, its without way of enforcing what the government is too weak to. i do not think ANYONE should be allowed to break the law, and these foreigners need to respect that. they need to understand that the law DOES apply to them, they need to realise that living in this country is a priveledge, NOT a right. just as fast as they came, they should be shipped back to their desert and left to rot. i have no time for ANY of this. hatge mefor saying it as i have, but thats your choice.

any delinquents reading this, whether aussie or foreign, if i ruled the country (which unfortunately i dont) your ass would be on a rickety boat back to your dirty country, never to return. now if only john howard could grow a backbone and do more than just talk about it on radio.


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