Friday, January 13, 2006

oh my freakin god. right this VERY moment im listening to the kyle and jackie o show on 92.9, and they are discussing "brokeback mountain" with some religious crank...and the crank is spouting shit about "freedom of choice" and shite about how the cinemas dont have to show it if they dont choose to, and that gay propaganda is being shoved down our throat. and kyle makes the very valid point, that any restriction on content relating to homosexuality is not allowing people the choice of being gay or lesbian, and that is the same bigotry mentality that for years, prevented black people from travelling ont he same bus as white people. to tell the truth, it really depends on my mood as to whether or not i am accepting of people who are homosexual...but overall i am not PRO homo, as in, i dont go shouting their praises from the rooftop...but i am not against it either and i am fine, as long as they are happy. i dont see why people should continue to persocute them, or even speak of them as if they are a different species. they are human, and have different sexual tendancies, and for that, nobody has the right to ridicule them. if ANYTHING has been shoved down our throat, its f***ing religion, and that is definately something i have always had a big problem with. when the god-botherers can realise that everyone doesnt have to conform to their views, i think the world will become a much more civilised place.

but then again, anyone who makes a social comment like i have is either going to be labelled a gay-supporter, or gay-basher, depending on the stance of the comment. everything isnt black or white people. there ARE shades of grey. while we continue to live in this white or black society, we will always have discrimination, and its not until we all have it affect our lives in some way that we realise that perhaps, people with a different sexual orientation arent as in-human as the majority of people seem to think they are.


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