Friday, January 27, 2006

well i'm now officially a ma.gnolia beta tester!...and so begins the arduos task of migrating my bookmarks to ma.gnolia. so far i can see ma.gnolia has some good aspects over, such as multiple-word single tags (as in, a single tag can contain many words) and the interface is a LOT cleaner and refined. yes,'s interface doesnt have much clutter, but when i say clean, i mean pleasant to look at. oh and the concept of rating my bookmarks is an excellent idea too. the fact i can keep some bookmarks private and some public is good, and the tag cloud showing the most used tags (represented by the size of the tag in the cloud) is really helpful. some really solid thought has gone into this i can see and i think i will definately be using ma.gnolia a lot more than if not totally replacing with it if it ever comes out of beta :)

update: well i wasn't wrong about ma.gnolia, the service has really done well and some smaller features which i think we will all end up taking advantage have been added...such as click on/off tags which both allow me to click a tag to select it and click again to deselect, tags highlight when they are selected (yes its small, but u cant say it doesnt help!) and more. the one gripe i have (i am writing this after ma.gnolia came out of beta) is ads. the interface which was so nice to look at now has a few ads on it...they have streamlined them with the site, so not all is bad, i can see they havent just slapped them on there...and i know the ma.gnolia team need to make money to support the site, but im hoping they can do it the same way somehow did (whatever that was?), cos i like ma.gnolia's interface so much i hate to see it tarnished!


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