Sunday, January 22, 2006

well. i have to say, for me, iLife is actually looking like something i would consider buying in the future. before, i only used iTunes. but then again, everybody uses iTunes - it's smart, intuitive...basically what i have recently found the other iLife apps to be, i have just never had a use for them before. I started scanning my photo collection at home and althought its nowhere near the iPhoto 250,000 limit, there is a good thousand or so photos. Managing them on windows would have just been keeping them in folders. Managing them on my mac is the most brilliant experience ever. i dont have to have a set size for my thumbnails. i dont have to wait for large photos to load because it is all so fast. so since scanning those photos (which is something im still doing hehe), i have started using iPhoto. Yesterday, i used iMovie for the first time on my own mac. I have used it before to try and play around with video, but thats all it ever was, playing. When iMovie was first released, my camera wasn't on the compatability list, and i havent touched it since then. But yesterday, my brother brings me his camera and asks if i can get the video off it, and i found i could. i then connected my camera and found it recognised it too, which is brilliant. before, i was using crappy windows movie maker 2.0 to get video off, and the options were shit. iMovie is smart, fast and easy to work with. thats 3 apps currently used now. iDVD is something ive wanted to use, but never needed to, like the others. i would use it if i needed it, but i havent. then again, i suppose that considering i will probably be using iMovie more nowadays, i will be exporting to iDVD more nowadays. and lastly iWeb is something im definately going to be severely testing with and trying out, and GarageBand is an app i would use if i was into that sorta stuff. i feel i will be using iWeb fully when the syntax and semantics get cleaned up, and i played with GarageBand yesterday just to enjoy the speed of it, but definately out of the 6 apps, i dont mind paying for 1 i will hardly ever use (GarageBand), because it is definately worth it.


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