Wednesday, January 25, 2006

what irritates me about today's youth (and no i am not considered youth at 19) is that they think they have some idea of relationships, particularly with the opposite sex (for all you immature dumbasses out there who are thinking "well who else would someone else have a relationship with - unless they are gay", a relationship is what you have with your parents, your friends, etc. all of those are different types of relationships). anyway back to my point. it irritates me that they say they love each other, and they care so much about the other...but to be honest, its all total BS...they don't know anything about caring or affection or love at all. they THINK they do...and if anyone tells them otherwise, they are wrong, and they don't understand and somehow the young'un in the relationship is so special that they are oh so mature before their age and so they are right in saying they love their girlfriend or boyfriend. NO you are not you little dumbass. argh ARGH its just so around me all hug and kiss and other things i shouldnt mention here and my god, they just dont know at all! of my friend's sister in darwin is 14, and she wants to give up her virginity to her 16 yr old boyfriend. now wether its peer pressure, or sex is somehow "cool" i just dont know. but its really getting out of hand. sex is about love, someone you want to share the ultimate experience with. of course, everyone these days does it for fun and to get off, and fine, i can accept that. i dont accept kids though doing it. i dont think they know what the FUCK THEY ARE FUCKING WELL SAYING when they rabbit on about loving their girlfriend or boyfriend when THEY ARE FUCKING 14 YEARS OLD. even one of my uni friends is still so goddamn immature he thinks he has some realistic relationship with his stupid girlfriend. and its not that i think people shouldnt have relationships with each other. just dont bullshit that you LOVE your partner when clearly, you dont. *sigh* i wish i could kick them but i cant. i know me saying anything is not going to change anything...but i just had to get it off my chest. they are all fucking deluded, honestly. love is about caring for your partner, cherishing them and giving them your affection. love is unconditional, it's about doing anything for your partner (within reason) and trusting them from the bottom of your heart. its not about fucking them, or how much you buy them or whatever. its about being happy with each other and truly wanting to be a part of each other's lives. a lot of people, all young little fuckers thinking they know everything, say they love their partner, they would do anything for them yada yada yada. i just wish an opportunity would come along to test it. to see if they really would do anything, and i think a good 90% would fail. i know you must think im pessimistic, but you go out and ask a young "couple" if they love each other, and i BET you they will say yes. now if you had some magic wwand to wave and put it to the test, the little wankers wouldnt stick around when the going gets tough.

i guess what my whole rant is about is that, until you are actually mature, and actually KNOW what the HELL this world is about, and not living in your high school dreamland (and yes, it IS dreamland compared to the rest of the world), then DONT FUCKING SAY YOU LOVE YOUR PARTNER WHEN YOU DONT. so many little bitches are whinging "oh i have so much homework, i hate high school, i hate my math teacher" blah fuckety blah - get over it! your age and younger than you are being KILLED everyday in war zones. kids your age and younger are suffering diseases that our society has the money to provide us vaccines for. just stop fucking thinking your life is so hard when its not.

i give up. screw everyone. i know i will never make a difference. i can only blog about it, and know that my readers think i say "fuck" too much -_-"


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