Thursday, February 16, 2006

i just had an interesting theory...i was explaining adsl to my friend today, how it splits a normal copper telephone line into two streams of information, one specifically for data, the other specifically for voice. well how about we split the human brain into two. we dont use huge portions of our brain, each of us has large amounts of processing power that is not being utilized. so rather than have one entity (ourselves) try and control all of the brain to use it all, instead have another entity, ie our subconscious, control it instead.

its perfect, think about it. we are consciously using our brains to solve problems etc. imagine if our subconscious, literally as in like, the same as somebody who is mad imagines other people around them, was working alongside, using our unused brain power to solve problems. scientists could essentially work double time in the same time as they do now and without any noticeable stress to the brain to find cures to things, discover new ways of doing things etc etc. and the best part is, that both entities still use the same mouth, eyes and so forth. so a conversation held between two scientists could in fact be a conversation between 4 seperate minds, just using two brains. of course, no direct conversation could occur between the two subconscious entities of the two scientists, but they would appear to be coming from the two real entities.

some may argue that the subcsoncious entities would only know as much as the conscious entities, but think about it. the mind is an amazing thing, two scientists with the same training can discuss something and come across new theories and ways of looking at a problem. likewise, a single insane person can have a conversation and actually discover things buried deep within their subconscious simply by discussing it with their imaginary friend. so why not harness that with scientists. people read so much material in their lives, and a lot of it is forgotten, at least on the surface. like a harddrive, the data can be recovered if not written over, its just not apparent to the naked eye. likewise, a lot of data is stored within our brains, just not accessible as it is not deemed useful. the subconscious can tap into that data repository and therefore come up with theories of its own, as if it were a whole seperate conscious scientist.

i dont know how else to describe it, but yeh. maybe i have had too many late nights -_-"


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