Wednesday, March 22, 2006

something really pissed me off today...i was at the fuel station filling my car with fuel (as u do when at a fuel station) and i finished filling it and started walking towards the shop to pay. in the meantime, 2 people came to fill fuel (there were 2 people along with me already there). one of them was some middle aged aussie guy who pulled up in his holden astra convertible, the other a non-aussie, i think brazilian P plater girl with a guy in an SUV. the astra guy pulled into the closest bay to the shop and took up two car spots doing so. the P plater had since driven around everyone to get to the other side and go in the free bay that this astra guy had just selfishly taken up. so he was filling 2 car spots, with his one car, all cos he is too selfish to park properly.

the P plater beeped a little beep at him and he said in his matter of fact tone "i'm sorry, what do u want me to do about it?". and that's what pissed me off. what further pissed me off was that he continued to get out of his vehicle and fill his car with fuel, while his bottle blond bimbo wife sat there doing jack shit. so i walked past, and said "why dont you just move your bloody car mate?" to which he turned to me, and opened his mouth to reply but the P plater beeped again and the guy from her car started yelling at the man to move. but he didnt. he just yelled back some crap (i was in the shop by this time) and so i told the attendant (while pointing) "that guy is being an arsehole, could you please do something about it". i then left the shop, went back to my car and the shop attendant came out, and told the man he would have to move his car, or he would inform the police.

as a side note that is meant to be short but will actually be long; to those smart asses who are reading this and thinking "oh whatever he cant call the police the man doesnt have to move his car if he doesnt want to"...well actually, yeh he does. if someone claims public aggrevation, it is an offence, very similar to how you would get offended if i publicly (ie. to your face) made remarks about your race, religion or sexual preference. a refuelling station is a public place, and needs to be shared. if you deliberatly do not comply with the guidelines of the public place you are in (the guidelines for the use of a refuelling station clearly state that you may use one bowser at a time to refill one vehicle at a time) then that is both a violation of the use of that public place, and if other's require something that you have no right to be preventing them from using, then they can claim aggrevation, which is an offence.

anyway, back to my story...i really hate aussie ockers who think they own the joint. they think they can come and do what they like, treat other people like shit and that it is ok. i wanted to punch that man in the face so many times, i wanted to run him over in my car, because he simply has no respect for others. it sickened me, i stood there watching him and trying to figure out what the f*ck his problem was, he only had to move his car back 3 feet, which doesnt take effort, but he was content pissing others off. i was so out of it the attendant asked me more than once for my money, which in time i ended up taking out of my wallet and giving to him...but why?...why do aussies think they own the joint? (yes smartasses, i DO know this is australia, but just because you were born here, doesnt meant you can throw your weight around. you are no more than anybody else).

sometimes, i think i shouldnt have said anything in hindsight, because i might get my face flattened. but i really dont care. i dont have a big mouth, and i dont have to make my opinions heard, but i do get very very agitated when others are being done wrong by. *sigh* anyway...this all might seem to have been taking some time, but i just like explaining. it all took under 2 minutes. just wanted to say something bout my day.


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