Saturday, May 06, 2006

omfg...over the course of LESS THAN 24 hours, 3 crazy things have happened on the roads where i have been.

first thing, last night around midnight, my mother and i were driving to get the paper, and down a adark street near our house a guy came screaming round the corner and the back of his car swung out of contol and he ended up going backwards up onto the curb and verge (sparks were flying where the bottom of his vehicle scraped the concrete curb), he paused for a bit then planted his foot and started heading straight for us, and my mother was freaking out about whether to pull onto the side of the road or keep going, but the car passed and everything was ok.

second thing, on the way to peter's house along phoenix road this ute pulls out from the right (i am in the left lane) into the right lane just when i am in line with his car, and then starts just drifting slowly into my lane without even looking!! so i beep my horn and this guy swerves INTO my lane a litle more and then back into his own lane. wtf is wrong with him?? i decided to plant my foot and get away from him cos obviously he is a shit driver. so even though i was doing 100 in a 70 zone, i would rather that than get hit by a crazy ute.

lastly, just then i was coming up to the turn onto canning highway from freeway north and somebody sped up to try to get past me toward stationary cars meanwhile i need to change into the rightmost lane...this guy nearly turns his car 45 degrees to get between me moving forward and the waiting cars in front of me and so i had to evasively brake and pull up my handbrake real hard or this guy would have hit me.

idno what it is, but there are a lot of crazy drivers around!


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