Thursday, June 15, 2006

something interesting happened on my way to the office today, i was tavelling through the graham farmer freeway tunnel and as they do, when a vehicle has stopped, a voice comes over the loudspeaker announcing that the driver of said vehicle should proceed to the nearest telephone and get in contact with tunnel management. now what was interesting was they have gotten rid of the loudspeakers in favor of a multi-spectrum radio frequency hijack, in which they essentially block all radio waves travelling within the tunnel while they are broadcasting this message, and actually hijack every radio frequency and broadcast their own message over it.

so im driving along listening to 92.9 (my fav radio station), and they dont block the radio waves all the time, only when they have a message to broadcast, anyway im driving along and halfway along the tunnel my radio suddenly drops out. it doesn't go crackly and die away, it cuts out. then this man's voice says the message that once used to come over the loudspeakers. i was really freaked by this as i was speeding at the time (hehe ^_^) and i though they had caught me and were broadcasting a message somehow into my car (they have a similar system in india's taxis, where each one has a loudspeaker and if they are being chased by the cops, the cops actually speak to the driver one-way through the loudspeaker. luckily for me this wasnt a situation like that. but i thought i would mention it here. for my friends who read this and who go through the graham farmer tunnel, stop on the side and see if the guy comes and tells you to go to the nearest telephone. oh and check to see if you can press 0 and get an outside line cos i'd like to go and make long international phone calls to my overseas friends ^_^


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