Monday, June 26, 2006

well today was very kool, first of all peter came over and brought me a chomp which was so yummy ^_^ (i ate it before typing this hehe thankyou petey!) and then we went to carousel for lunch and to meet the other guys...when we met them, we all headed off to go karting (elim somehow managed to go to the shoting range while we all went to go karting, even though go karting was his idea lol) and anyway he finally arrived and then we went had 3 10 minute rounds, which was lots of fun ^_^, i had cars 12, 8 and 9 in that order (they are all pretty fast, last time i had 9 aswell and kept skidding out of control lol but this time it was more controllable) fastest time in car 12 was 26.62 seconds, in car 8 it was 27.07 seconds and in car 9 it was 26.35 average in each was 27.67, 27.69 and 28.6 seconds.

had a few prangs though lol, first one was with jon, we both were really close (i was behind) and i think he skidded round and instead of me pushing the brake i pushed the accelerator lol, and then alvin came and slammed into the side of me lol (i have 2 big bruises on my back from that accident v_v) and the second one wasnt including me, elim and alvin had somehow hit and elim was blocking like half the route lol, so someone had to come and reverse him and set him back on path. very funny it was lol.

after that we headed off to the shooting range, which was interesting, we had training for like half an hour where the guy showed us how to handle a gun and how to load bullets, and to make sure it was safe and how each one worked. we looked at a pistol, a semi-auto and a rifle. then we went into little cubicles and got targets to put up and shoot at. i was sharing a cubicle with peter cos there weren't enough or something. anyway so we were shooting away and he was pretty good!...then i started shooting and he reckoned i was much better than him but personally i reckon he was much better :)...the rifle was so heavy too!...there was a metal rod attached to the base of it so we couldn't turn it back into the cubicle, and we each took turns of holding the rod so the one firing didn't have to hold the entire weight of the rifle. it was cheating a bit but yeh doesnt matter hehe.

after shooting, we went to hotpot in northbridge and that was good, ate there and then after that we traipsed over to tea fusion (i hate their bubble tea lol, not as good as utopia) and then we all went off home!

so overall we had a pretty good day :)...and now im probably going to go to sleep cos im tired and my back hurts till next time...


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