Sunday, June 04, 2006

well well well peoples. i am back in perth, and i miss darwin already. quite a bit happened there, but i wont bore u with the GORY details, but i will sum up the interesting ones;

darwin now has a...JB HI-FI!!!! omg when i walked round the corner expecting to see liquorland (where in fact i was headed) there no longer was a crappy booze store but the most beautiful, huge JB HI-FI store of all!!! much better than the perth ones, i have to say, very very big and full of techie goodies :)

i find that there is no life in perth. nobody seems to have any spontaneity around here and it pisses me off. u have to organise and make huge plans to go out with friends, and its annoying. in darwin we rock around and we just go out! none of this "oh lemme see if im busy" bullshit. and when u walk down the street, people smile and say hello. oh no, non of that here in perth, its people busy with their newspaper or their bags and avoiding eye contact. argh.

of all the times a baby bird could have broken its leg on my lawn, it had to be while i was there. so i picked it up, nursed it, but alas it died. cruel mother nature, so cold and unforgiving to baby birdies *grr*

and ooo eee tthis one is exciting. i was wearing all white (black shorts tho) and i was busy talking to hoppy, heather and their parents (cos we are all good friends there) about how laid back the territory is and how i yearn to be back there on a more permanent arrangement. next minute around the corner comes this ute towing a trailer full of fronds, and its on fire!!! so kevin (hoppy's dad), hoppy and me jump up and race over to help, we had to get the lawn mowers off and other flammable stuff otherwise the fuel tanks might explode. so we are pulling them off and then there was a frantic carrying of water in buckets from the pool to dump on the fire. it was about this time i was regretting wearing so much white, and expensive white at that, and also wondering how fucked up we would be had we been in perth cos nobody has a pool unless they have money (which thankfully i do lol)...anyway here is the first video of me running with kevin and hoppy towards the blazing trailer, and the later one is of the extinguished but still smouldering fire and me whinging about my dirty hands. beware they are really REALLY grainy cos they are off my phone, but u can gather that the black dot is the trailer and the huge orange part is the flames going 3 times as high as the trailer.

and what to see all my friends, it was really good, im so proud of them for what they have achieved with their lives so far, and i hope i can go back soon to see how they are going :)

anyway i am really tired cos i havent slept in over 38 hours. if u wanna know more, which im sure u dont cos u all think im boring, then u can email me or talk to me on msn and i will tell u about my exciting trip back to darwin ^_^


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