Friday, July 14, 2006

"me tired...and a tad depressed" by .wilkie on Flickr.

well its the end of my first big week working full time at heytesbury as the IT man!! the one and only of course :P currently i look after the IT departments for 5 (heytesbury head office, heytesbury beef (including 7 or 8 rural stations), heytesbury stud, vasse felix (the winery) and the holmes à court gallery) of the 30 or so companies in the heytesbury group (which by the way is one of the largest privately owned companies in australia). i have the pleasure of working alongside janet holmes a court and her son paul, both very nice and distinguished people. i love working there, it has been a good experience so far (cept for shitty fiona lol) and i foresee it as being a good stepping stone onto bigger and better things for me in the long run.

im thinking now that i am probably a very lucky kid. i was complaining today that fiona (paul's and one of janet's PAs) keeps shifting work onto me that she should be doing, and it ended up me getting toner on my $300 shirt. sitting here and thinking leads me to consider that not everyone even has $300 shirts to complain about getting toner on. as i think back over my whole live, i actually see that i have been very lucky. i have been given so many good opportunities that others can only dream of...i have things others will never own in their entire lifetimes and generally my life is very easy.

i guess thats why the small things now are now starting to become so obvious to me to sort out. i have been living my exciting busy life, but the things that define me are sitting in a messy heap waiting to be looked at and sorted.

anyway, i just wanted to say to anyone who is listening...i am very thankful for the opportunities my life has presented me so far, and i only hope i can be so lucky all throughout my life.


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