Wednesday, July 26, 2006

people can be so quick to judge, so quick to think they know you...when they really dont. recently, i met this person who seemed really nice at the start, although, we only ever spoke on msn. somewhere along the line (and this being a very short line) they think they know enough about me to draw conclusions about me and who i am as an entire person. after talking online for only two weeks!

what irritates me, is that i know so many people who do that, who jump to conclusions and don't analyse the information presented to them about someone or something, and suddenly they are an expert. for example, people who have been reading my blog, might think they know me. i would say they would have a big insight into my life, but not all areas of it. for example, they (like this person did) may think im all about feeling sorry for myself, and that i whinge and moan about so many things. what they don't know is that my father has been having an affair for the last year or so and that we only found out a few months ago, and its been tearing my family apart. they dont know that ive had a secret dogging me for more than 5 years that isnt exactly the easiest fact to come to terms with, and only recently am i starting to accept it. they dont know that with relationships, my first girlfriend held a gun to me at one time, and later cheated on me with 5 of my second one stole random shit from me, and my fourth girlfriend dumped me cos i didnt go and see her EVERY single night of that particular week...and because of this, i find it hard to trust people and be close to them. they don't know that since moving to this shit of a place 2.5 years ago, 4 of my friends have been killed in various accidents, and thats not something easy to deal with.

they don't know this stuff cos i DONT seek pity. i DONT whinge and moan about every little thing, i just want other areas of my life to be "tidy" per se, because the bulk of my life is a mess. but then why the FUCK do they think they know me???...people i have known for 12 and 13 years dont even know me as well as these people think they do. bah i spose i shouldnt care. just another event to add to the list of shit happenings in my life, right?


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