Tuesday, July 04, 2006

well...if you didn't already know, today, the 4th of july, is my birthday :)...i had a very good day overall with just the right amount of excitement lol. first i wake up, within the next 5 minutes peter calls me and tells me he is at my door and so i go to open it (its deadlocked cos my mother is a nut job and is a paranoid fruitcake) and when i finally get it open, there peter is holding my pressie and a cake with a freshly blown out candle hehe. the wind got to it before i did lol, but it was still the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me :D so anyway he gives me his present which is really really nice, and i open it along with some of my other presents from friends and family, then he has to rush off to work.

later on, seiji rocks over to say hi and cos he is bored lol, so of course everyone just decides to come here when they are bored lol, and so we hung out for a while, then he had to go back to work, and i went to lunch with my mum and my sister. we went to a place called Zamia's Cafe...a really nice place in the middle of kings park. i had the biggest salad i have ever had lol, a caeser salad with chicken...it was sooo yummy, i was very full after eating it ^_^. thomas also called me to wish me happy bday which was nice :) he's the ONLY ONE FROM UNI (apart from peter) who said happy bday to me...everyone else i know in the world wished me lol, but not my uni friends...i wonder what that says about how much i mean to others...

"mum + me" by .wilkie on Flickr.

"sis + me" by .wilkie on Flickr.

and in the evening, i went to have dinner with peter and penny (pete's sister) at a vietnamese place in northbridge and we had lots of food, lemon chicken, squid, bok choy and a spicy dish and some beef. and the YUMMIEST drink with strings of jelly in it. ahhhhh i love that drink lol. at some point during the dinner penny dard me to rub raw chili on my tongue, which i proceeded to do lol cos i can never give up a good dare hehe...what happened after tho was the hand i had used to rub chili on my tongue, i then rubbed my left eye with, and the searing pain set in very very quickly. that pained for about half an hour, then dissipated. apart from that tho hehe, it was really really nice having dinner with them. then penny has to go back to work for a lil bit, then peter and i go to get bubble tea. so i get mine and drink it then we go back to the car, and thats when the fun starts lol. not 2 mins in the car and im pulling up to the boom gate to put in my token to get out and i must have stopped too fast or something, and the bubble tea falls on the floor and bursts!!! freakin honeydew milk with pudding all over my passenger side floor v_v. so we pull out of the car park and into the closest one lol and mop it up...spend bout 5 mins doing that then some randoms come so we leave and go back to petey's shop to get paper towels, finish mopping it up (i went to go pee at some point during all this hehe) and then i say bye and thankyou to petey, and go home. and so here i am, writing this lol.

overall, i have had one of the best days i have ever had. i realise i dont give some people enough credit, namely peter, and i realise that i do have good friends here in perth, something i didnt think i would ever have, simply cos i dont let many people get too close to me. but, i was wrong, and im happy for it :D

i got to wear some of my snazzy new things too, so i was happy bout that aswell hehe.

well i beter go catch up on some tv now, and i will be back another time.


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