Thursday, October 05, 2006

well today was a bag of mixed emotions, had a great lunch, but the reason for the lunch was a bit sad. the lunch was a farewell for emily, kathy and bruce, 3 really great people and a lot of fun to work with. sad to see them go, but i hope to tay in contact with them :)

above is the lunch i had, which was the lamb double cutlet with lamb pithivier, red date and morel sauce. verry yummy!...below is a view from my seat at lamont's. my office at heytesbury is just above this, so i see out across the inlet which is nice.

this is a few of the bunch that i work with, fun people and a great company. from left to right is fiona, bruce, kathy, paul holmes à court (janet's son and CEO of heytesbury), and then janet holmes à court in the green (one of australia's richest women!)...behind janet is merrick (from the collection at keysbrook), emily and keith, and next to me was nigel, who didnt want to be in the foto heh.

hehe this is simon, the other guy i work with in the IT department, he's a cool guy.

these two are like 2 peas in a pod, great friends and great people to work with too :)

this is emily, she had the light behind her so she looks rather black :P...she isnt this dark in real life lol. another great person and friend, and a fun person to work with. dont lose your spark emily :)

and last but definately not least, is claire and kathy, who both managed to be blinking at the same time! just when i wanna take a foto too lol. claire works in the galleryand kathy recently moved upstairs...shame to see kath go, i wish you all the best!!

and brucey, i havent forgotten you! like i said today, give me a call if u ever need ur tech sorted out and i am more than happy to help...i hope your retirement shows you the rest and happiness you very much deserve. hope to talk to you, emily and kath again very soon ^_^ *hugs*


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