Sunday, November 26, 2006

my god. ok so yesterday i went to a training session and we are about halfway through and there is an almighty smash outside (we we're all in the boardroom). now the training lady just held her head and said "ohhh that happens every other week..." and proceeded to blab on about it. I however sat there for a split second to hear her say that much and then i got up and ran down the stairs and out onto the road (i have huge ethical and moral issues with just not doing anything when i could be helping in that sort of situation). so i get out there and some jerk in a ute had run a stop sign and crashed into a relatively elderly woman (bout 50-60ish), though i must say that that road is a death trap, the stop signs are set too far back and people can not always see them.

anyway so the ute guy is out cursing at the front of his car and the woman is trying to get out of her car without much progress. meanwhile EVERYONE, and i mean the whole 6ish pedestrians and cafe-goers all are just sitting around gobsmacked rather than DOING something pro-active. anyway so i rush over and help the lady out, tell her my name and that i need to check her pulse (to see if she was about to go into shock or something worse) but she ended up being ok. i didnt wanna check the guy cos he seemed fine (his car had just gone straight through and smacked the front of her car, she on the other hand had spun around and was half on the kerb and half off by the end of it). so yeh, gave them both my details for insurance purposes in case they needed it and i went back into the office.

when i get back, the trainer lady sat there with this sort of angry look and said "where did YOU go???" and i said "i had to go see to the accident". she then started getting annoyed telling me if i wanted to go and see accidents i was a little weird and that i shouldnt be doing that if it happens again while working. i'm guessing she thought i said "i had to go and SEE the accident" rather than "i had to go and see TO the accident". anyway so i told her "you know, i am a first aider and it's my obligation to go and help in a traumatic event if i am in the vicinity no matter what i'm doing, and i will be rushing to anyone's aid who needs it" and then i sat down, meanwhile the rest of the trainees sat silent and she just looked at me and then proceeded with the training.

i dont know if it was the right thing to do to speak back or have such a firm tone, but i frankly dont care. i dont know i want to work for such a company where the people sit in their fancy boardroom while car accidents are happening outside and someone could be critically injured. ESPECIALLY if the useless pedestrians do absolutely nothing about it.

i think i am going to write to the local council in that area and make some noise about that intersection, because if it really does happen every other week, i dont know if i could end up sleeping at night after working there a while :S


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