Thursday, November 16, 2006 i dont know what it is about thursdays, but yeh, thursday always seems to a be a shit day for me is what happened:

- go to an exam which i hadnt spent much time revising for. i think i did ok, but im not sure. maybe i will get a distinction.

- i drive into the city for some business, and am on a call to a friend who's ex boyfriend works at the shop their father owns, and being the slimy jerk that he is, is threatening to sue my friend's father (on what grounds i do not know -_-") or go to the tax department, if he does not get a pay rise. and he already gets paid ABOVE award rate. asshole....but yeh, she is crying a lot and i want to go console her, but the traffic is a bitch and she is working anyway, so i went to see her later in the arvo when it was quieter.

- anyway went into the city, did my thing and on the way out of the city, i'm driving down hay st, and king st is sposed to give way to me. but NO, some stupid italian guy in his stupid peugeot with his stupid friend, PULLS out in front of me. fucker. i slam my brakes on, and beep my horn and the fucker stopped as well and looks at me with a grimace. then i'm waiting for him to move and he keeps looking, so i motion to him to get the fuck out the way as well as yelling "get the FUCK out of the way" (cos i like helping people figure out what i'm thinking :)) and he KEEPS LOOKING! i stick my finger up, and then he moves his stupid ass. fucking hell.

- so anyway i get onto the freeway and 2 mins into the drive, some old woman starts coming into my side on the freeway and i have to plant my foot to save myself from the concrete barrier!

- so i get to uni, and there are heaps of cops around the engineering i go an ask one of them, and they inform me that a girl had killed herself last night by jumping from the engineering building. every window inside the engineering building facing the quadrangle where she died had been covered with brown paper, and there were high barriers to stop us getting close. from upstairs though the windows had not been covered and it was quite disgusting to see what the police were washing away. somebody had found her in the morning, and they were still trying to get rid of the..."residue" from the scene.

such a strange, wacky and very disheartening day for me. i feel so sad for the family for their loss of their daughter and i only hope that they can find it in themselves to not bury themselves in blame as they were probably the best parents to her.


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