Sunday, December 10, 2006

update to wilkie's life:

so, i went to office works in west perth the other day, and walked like THREE EFFING KILOMETRES back to peter's shop with this giant roll of bubble wrap lol which was roughly 50cm x 50cm x 50cm. huuuge. anyway people were gawking at me, lol who cares. then over the next few days i kept seeing random people i knew from random people in my past. THAT was crazy -_-"

hmm then petey gave me a sword as a pressie which was ROILY nice :D thanks peeeeteeeyyy :D...oh and also did you all know the boat from the movie 'the island' is real!! it is a real yacht and costs between $16mil and $22mil depending on ur options!...the $22mil version comes with a fancy CODOG propulsion system :P

oh and for those of you who didnt already kno, ur gonna find out soon enough anyway...i'm buying a new car soon, anyway i have been looking at cars and i found one i am basing my car on (i'm buying a stock car and modding the hell out of it :D)...ANYWAY i was in harvey norman the other day and looking at the sony vaio ux umpc...and the same picture of the car that i am building was set as the freaking desktop!!!! i couldnt believe it! what a bitch! of all the things that could have been on the wallpaper, it had to be THAT car, THAT EXACT picture, at THIS time of year when im buying it the damn thing. thats just crazy and a HUGE coincidence.


anyway lastly some bad news. the doggy of one of my good friends was attacked by a BASTARD rottweiler (who btw i hope is put down slowly) friend's poor lil sausage dog has a punctured lung and teeth marks and a chunk of meat missing. he is in doggy hospital, so can everyone please hope that he comes through all alright, cos my friend is really cut, and i'd hate to see him lose another dog. oh and the dog's name is 'fred'
for those of you praying for him :)


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